NEWS: publishes 2011 statistics, offers gratis superiority

  • 14 Jan 12

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The year of our lord, 2011. Full of music, it were. You probably remember some of it, the fine folks at do too. They’ve been busy collecting our listening habits in a way which is absolutely not part of a larger plot, one which ultimately leads to our collective mortal demise. So what do the Terminators of the future have to look forward to? Well, judging from their published 2011 statistics, the robot apocalypse will be sound tracked by warbling chubby chubster Adele, who scooped the top spot with a cool 818,395 listeners,  followed not so closely by faux avant-garde mistress Lady Gaga with 460,356 listeners to her name. Who else made the list? Read on, weary traveler.

1 – Adele

2 – Lady Gaga

3 – Foster the People

4 – Britney Spears

5 – Natalia Kills

6 – J. Cole

7 – The Strokes

8 – Foo Fighters

9 – Radiohead

10 – Avril Lavigne

11 – Christina Perri

12 – Fleet Foxes

13 – Coldplay

14 – Incubus

15 – Bon Iver

16 – James Blake

17 – The Vaccines

18 – Beyoncé

19 – Diddy – Dirty Money

20 – The Naked and Famous

Of course, that’s just the tip of the dimly interesting iceberg, you can sort it all by country or genre, which is nice. Alternatively, they’ve got a sexy little infograph showing the biggest news stories of 2011’s musical calender and their effects on musical habits.

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