NEWS: Justice announce “Audio, Video, Disco”, show off artwork

  • 09 Aug 11

  • News


Ah, the second album. Home to the ever elusive “darker” or “bigger” sound, a trap so gleefully driven into by more bands than I care to write at quarter to one on a Wednesday morning. Or, in the case of French house duo Justice (you know, the ones that aren’t Daft Punk), the album in which they burst out of their musical raccoon, transformed into a sort of electronic prog rock pig-man, limping slowly towards mediocrity, vomiting cheesy guitar riffs as it goes.

Audio, Video, Disco was recorded over an 18 month period in a Paris flat, apparently. It’ll be dropping it like it’s mild on the 25th of October, 2011 via Ed Banger Records. ARE YOU EXCITED YET? No, me either.