NEWS: James Blake announces sophomore LP ‘Overgrown’, looks morose

  • 25 Feb 13

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Listeners of Jame Blake’s debut long playing effort fell into two rough categories, the first of which were drawn in by his uber kawaii Topman looks and the promise of a dubstep record which wouldn’t result in YouTube comments declaring it the dirtiest thing this side of a Catholic priests fantasy (arf arf arf). The other, an ill tempered group of “real fans” who’d obsessively collected his early EP releases and then bought toys specifically to throw out of the pram upon his decision to start singing. It was an uncomfortable arrangement, made all the more uncomfortable by Blake’s determination to continue pleasing both camps alternately (with both the Enough Thunder EP and his Love What Happened Here EP), like the common whore he is. All of which brings us to this very moment, because Yamz has announced the follow up to his 2011 self titled release, an entirely new collection of 10 songs in a record he’s chosen to call ‘Overgrown’, which is due to feature the diverse talents of both Brian Eno and the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA. Eyeball the track listing below.

01. Overgrown
02. I Am Sold
03. Life Around Here
04. Take A Fall For Me feat. RZA
05. Retrograde
06. DLM
07. Digital Lion feat. Brian Eno
08. Voyeur
09. To The last
10. Our Love Comes Back

The album’s due out Atlas on the 8th of April, but you can count on a near endless stream of gushing hype to tide you over until then. Or, alternatively, stream the first single from that LP – the typically James Blakeian ‘Retrograde’ – above.