NEWS: How To Dress Well announces Total Loss

total loss
  • 29 Jun 12

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Tom Krell, the man more commonly known as the less informative than you’d hope How To Dress Well, went about 2010 the right way. He had a series of beautiful, hazy videos backed by exactly the kind of hushed R’n’B that was deeply promising before The Weeknd came in and stole the show, a terrible mustache and even diabolical taste-makers Pitchfork hanging on his every beat. Even with all that going on, he found time to deliver a record that I rather enjoyed, in the form of 2010’s Love Remains, which is worth listening to, if you haven’t yet. Enter the well earnt and entirely inevitable follow up, entitled Total Loss, it comes not only with the artwork you can see above, but also a stream of the albums closing effort ‘Ocean Floor For Everything’. What follows is a track listing, I hope you’re ready for it.

01 When I Was in Trouble
02 Cold Nites
03 So Say My Name or Say Whatever
04 Running Back
05 & It Was U
06 World I Need You, Won’t Be Without You (Proem)
07 Struggle
08 How Many?
09 Talking to You
10 Set It Right
11 Ocean Floor for Everything

Total Loss arrives Via Weird World on the 17th of September.