NEWS: Gorillaz to release Greatest Hits compilation

  • 05 Oct 11

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It’s hard to believe, but  its been a ten long years since Damon Albarn decided he’d just about had enough of being cheeky chappy former frontman of Blur, and similarly with existing as a singular physical entity, and began living vicariously through a collection of westernised anime characters created and drawn in his flat by comic book bro Jamie Hewlitt. Truly it was behaviour that should by all rights, have seen Damo (yeah I’m calling him Damo now, angry responses can be sent to dealthefuckwithit@*putsonshades*.Shrug) have his alter egos rung out of him in a government sanctioned cocktail of heavy medication and therapy sessions, or alternatively warped into the wealthy cockernee counterpart of everybody’s favourite manchild and his ”son”. Proper Official and Not Made Up For The Purposes Of A Blog Post statistics show that for every 100 people rounded up like cattle in Heath Ledger Joker makeup and committed for being criminally insane, one will make it to the dizzy heights of headlining their own underwhelming, slightly tedious Glastonbury set. So in the spirit and celebration of ”facts”, not getting sectioned, and anniversary’s for the sake of anniversary’s, Gorillaz have announced a best of. Woah! Imagine being able to hear the slow but steady decline in songwriting and musical quality, but in a third of the time it would take to listen to all the albums chronologically! Boom. Check out that bitchin spiral/tracklist below.


‘Tomorrow Comes Today’
‘Clint Eastwood’
‘Rock The House’
‘Feel Good Inc’
‘Dirty Harry’
‘Kids With Guns’
‘El Manana’
‘Superfast Jellyfish’
‘On Melancholy Hill’
‘Clint Eastwood’ (Ed Case & Sweetie Irie Refix)
’19-2000′ (Soulchild Remix)