NEWS: Godspeed You! Black Emperor to work on new material

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  • 29 May 11

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Post-rock and the sexual exploits of our dear author share much of the same DNA; for instance we both go on far too long with nothing  much at all happening, both end up climaxing somewhere before the end and bore most people to tears (ladies, don’t forget the contact form is over in the top right). At least nobody’s asked me when the singing starts, anyway. It’s in that spirit of crushing failure that post-rock poster people Godspeed You! Black Emperor have announced via Voir that once they’ve finished this little old tour of theirs that they’re likely to be heading back into the studio to work on their first release (hurr I said release) since 2002’s Yanqui U.X.O LP.

As far as actual information goes, we’re relatively thin on the ground in that regards but as soon as I know, you’ll be reading yet another fictionalised account of my sexual history in no time at all. Pinky promise.