NEWS: Girls announce new album “Father, Son, Holy Ghost”

  • 07 Jul 11

  • News


Well well, what’s that stuck up in yo’ news grill? Could it be? Say it ain’t so! Jimmy, fetch the camera! Yes, the San Fransisco quintet famous for having a lead singer with THE GREATEST BACK STORY OF ANYONE EVER (seriously, great job growing up in that cult, A+) and for having at least 7 truly great songs under their belt have returned for their 3rd major release (hurr). Entitled “Father, Son, Holy Ghost”, they’re calling it their third record, obviously counting their late 2010 EP “Broken Dreams Club” as the second. Sadly I lack the information nor inclination to string this post out via a series of increasingly unfunny and tenuous jokes so how about some information? HERE GOES.

It’s going to be out on the 12th of September in the UK and in the USA a full day later, HERE’S A TRACK LISTING.

1. Honey Bunny
2. Alex
3. Die
4. Saying I Love You
5. My Ma
6. Vomit
7. Just A Song
8. Magic
9. Forgiveness
10. Love Like A River
11. Jamie Marie