NEWS: Frank Ocean makes debut jump, possible forecast of sharks.

  • 12 Jun 12

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It would be fair enough to compare the Odd Future gang to an ocean of human faeces. Why? Well, DEAR READER, because they’re largely shit– the comparison can’t really go any further as there are only so many observations you can make about an ocean of human excrement; which is a shame, because with each passing reference my enthusiasm for human scat rises dramatically and perhaps after a thesis about the breakdown of waste material and expulsion from the self’s body I could bring myself to listen to the MASSIVELY CRITICALLY LAUDED ‘OF Tape II’.

‘What would you have us listen to, Liam,’ I hear you yelp, ‘Sun Kil Moon?’ Well, yes, but I’d definitely settle for Frank Ocean, the shining diamond in the metaphorical rough of the misguided rap collective. After last year’s wonderful ‘Nostalgia, Ultra’ mixtape, which made white, middle-class kids like me piss themselves the world over, Ocean entered into a period of relative quiet while he toured and went into talks with label Def Jam regarding an official release. Now, however, he returns with an oh-so-trendy trailer for his forthcoming Def Jam debut ‘Channel Orange’; clearly a concept album about a TV channel dedicated to popular Vietnam War-era herbicide Agent Orange.

Set for a July 17th release, watch the trailer below and save up some currency to buy it on vinyl because you’re not a CD-loving scrub: