NEWS: Egyptian Hip Hop announce debut album, stream first single ‘SYH’

egyptian hip hop good dont sleep

Every year has it’s own band-of-promise, a group of people who produce a handful of amazing singles, or a brilliant EP before “pulling a diglett” and burrowing underground for a year or two. Usually in that space of time the world moves on, quite happy to consume all the other excellent music that’s produced on a seemingly second to second basis. Egyptian Hip Hop are one of those bands, offering 2010 one of it’s best EP’s, the Hudson Mohawke produced ‘Some Reptiles Grew Wings‘ before dropping quietly off the face of the earth. Well, after what their label describes as an “extended hiatus”, those crazy manc’ kids are back with their debut long player, entitled ‘Good Don’t Sleep’, which according to the wonderfully hyperbolic press release means “The self-conscious naivety of their early recordings has dissipated, making way for a mature musicality that is invigoratingly sensual”, or, in plainspeak, a bit like getting a hand job during a cold shower – but in your ears. Helpfully for those failing to imagine what that would sound like, the band are streaming the first track from that album, it’s called SHY and has the band cracking open the jars labeled “lush textures”, “warm synth tones” and “muddy bass lines” to great effect.

Good Don’t Sleep is dropping via R&S Records on the 22nd of October, you can pre-order it here.