NEWS: Dinosaur Jr. to record old songs in the style of 1980’s synth-pop

  • 29 Jan 12

  • News


Grand high wizard of the 4th distortion pedal, J Mascis, is going back in time. Initially, to grab as many Dinosaur Jr songs as he can without encountering his younger self and therefore creating a universe ending paradox; and then ultimately dragging them, screaming, back to where it all started, the 1980’s.  Whilst there, he’ll partake in the popular 1980’s passtime of ruining fashion, architecture and David Bowie’s career, not to mention re-recording those Dinosaur Jr. tracks in the style of recently fashionable 1980’s synth pop. It’s part of a scheme by The Electronic Anthology Project to presumably deconstruct a bands entrenched stylistic tropes and offer up well known songs in a new light, or something. It’s due to be released on that holiest of days, Record Store Day 2012 (April 21st) on purple vinyl, limited to 500 copies, thus giving Yuck roughly three months to sell their guitars, buy synthesizers and begin the hideous cycle all over again.