NEWS: Daniel Blumberg leaves Yuck, leaving naught but backpeople

  • 16 Apr 13

  • News


It’s with a heavy heart, that MiscMusic reports the most tragic news that’s ever crossed our desks. Yes the rumours are true, Yuck, Britain’s premier combination Dinosaur Jr/Pavement/Sonic Youth tribute act, have lost a member. No, it isn’t the one with the wild afro, or the lady or even that guy out of Cajun Dance Party, no. It’s frontman Daniel Blumberg, whose sudden lack of presence will surely cast a shadow over the recording of their sophomore LP, despite lacking the physical presence typically required to cast a shadow. If we could hold ourselves together for a moment, what follows is a statement from the band, written in the finest “oh, we’re great, it was totally amicable and we’re still best mates” fashion.

What’s up! Lots of new things have been happening in Yuck world. We’re getting ready to go to New York this week to record our 2nd album! Unfortunately, Daniel won’t be joining us as he’s decided to focus on other things. However, new music, new tour dates, and bigger afros will be coming very soon. So get ready. GET. READY.

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