NEWS: Chad Valley announces debut album Young Hunger

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  • 28 Aug 12

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Today is the day. Today is the day in which the nations of the world put their hands in each others. Today is the day the weapons are locked away and those itchy fingers edge slowly away from the buttons they promised to press. Today is the day your friends stop looking at their phones during dinner and listen to your hilarious anecdotes instead. Today is the day Chris Martin finally offs himself after a moment of clarity one news reader would describe as “hilariously overdue”. Today is the day you found a £5 note in the bottom of your washing basket. It is a day of mystery, of wonder and uniform glee, for today is the day Chad Valley has finally announced his debut long playing record. Entitled Young Hunger, it follows on from 2011’s excellent Equatorial Ultravox EP (a record which housed what most humans would regard as the years best single) and features a reasonably staggering list of collaborators. Not only that, he’s also promising an ‘”80s record in every sense”, which would be a deeply troubling phrase in the hands of another less gifted than he. Here’s a track listing.

1. I Owe You This (Feat. Twin Shadow)

2. Tell All Your Friends

3. Fall 4 U (Feat. Glasser)

4. My Girl (Feat. Jack Goldstein)

5. Evening Surrender (Feat. El Perro del Mar)

6. Interlude

7. Up and Down

8. Young Hunger

9. Fathering Mothering (Feat. Anne Lise Frøkedal)

10. My Life Is Complete (Feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)

11. Manimals (Feat. Active Child)

Young Hunger is due to arrive on the 19th of November, via Loose Lips. In the meantime, feel free to peruse the delights of first cut ‘Fall 4 U’ above.