NEWS: Caribou announces LP under Daphni moniker, wants you to like better dance music


Oi, clubgoer. Yes, you in the obnoxious rave getup/chinos and gray v neck shirt (delete as applicable), you’ll never guess who hates you and everything you enjoy in life. Go on, try, it won’t hurt you. W-wait, how did you know? I bet you read the title, didn’t you? Ah, clever, very clever. Well, it’s true, Dan Smaith (the man who’s been churning out decent to great music under the name Caribou since 2006) despises what the mainstream club scene has become (or always was, depending on who you ask). Here’s a excellent quote from the Daphni press release

“Set against the backdrop of bland and functional dance music and the mind-numbing predictability of the EDM barfsplosion currently gripping the corporate ravesters, there is a small world where dance music lives up to its potential to liberate, surprise, and innovate. It’s there that I hope Daphni has a place.”

IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW (I didn’t): Daphni spent a large part of 2011 releasing, what I have now discovered to be, brilliant 12″ EDM efforts. His debut long playing effort under that name takes the moniker of his record label Jiolong and you can hear a of tracks from that album both at the top of this here page, and underneath a track listing, which I am now going to provide you with.

01 “Yes, I Know”
02 “Cos-Ber-Zam – Ne Noya (Daphni Mix)”
03 “Ye Ye”
04 “Light”
05 “Pairs”
06 “Ahora”
07 “Jiao”
08 “Springs”
09 “Long”

Jiolong arrives October 9th, via Merge.