NEWS: Brian Eno details his forthcoming return to ambiance

brian eno lux
  • 26 Sep 12

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Brian Eno is one crafty bastard, single-handedly maintaining a sense of artistic credibility even through the years of U2 and Coldplay production credits is no simple task. Here is a man of supreme talent and auditory judgment, creator of some of the most inexplicable, astonishing and beautiful sounds ever put in music, and he chooses to work with the blander than bland stylings of excitement vacuums Coldplay. Such nonsense has kept him busy these last few years, away from more worthwhile pursuits, leaving us solo-Eno fans only with his 2005 so-so Another Day on Earth LP to keep us warm at night. Things like these exist only in the temporary, however, because Eno has finally found his way back to the deck of his trusty Macintosh to compose a new album, entitled LUX. Originally a single 76 minute long ambient composition, it’s been split into four tracks for the sake of convenience and, presumably, attention spans everywhere. For those of a curious nature, or perhaps people who just enjoy text formatted in such a way to align it in the centre, here is a track listing.

01. LUX 1

02. LUX 2

03. LUX 3

04.LUX 4 

LUX will arrive via Warp on the 14th of November. Steel yourselves, your boy Eno is about to redefine “reasonably interesting”.