NEWS: Blur announce When The Nights On Fire, Under The Westway & The Puritan

blur under the westway the puritan final
  • 21 Jun 12

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Given the constant game of toing and froing that’s defined the increasingly tiresome adventures of Blur these last few years, you’d be forgiven for simply tuning out and going back all the other interesting, vibrant and exciting music that exists out there in the world. Alas, it’s apparent that some of us poor souls just can’t let go, and for us, it’s nice to finally have something official happening over at Blur HQ. Just yesterday, the group have took to their official Twitter and Facebook outlets to alert the world of their first proper single(s) since 2010’s Record Store Day exclusive ‘Fools Day’. They’re called ‘When The Nights On Fire, Under The Westway’ and ‘The Puritan’ respectively and are due to to arrive on on the 2nd of July. In the mean time, feel free to kick back, relax and enjoy the smooth, not that great sounds of Under The Westway below, In live-o-vision.