NEWS: Blur announce “21”, Adele not available for comment

18 BLUR-Boxset-final
  • 19 Apr 12

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So you’re Blur, right. Hello. You’re sat around, trying to think of a name for your gigantic retrospective collection whilst idly scrolling through the UK album charts, hoping for the right bit of inspiration to jump out at you. You’ve already passed on “Nothing but the Beat” and “Sorry for Party Rocking” until it suddenly hits you, 21. It makes perfect sense, you say loudly so that people can tell you’ve had an idea. It’s been 21 years since your debut album Leasure hit the shelves AND people might mistake your hulking box set for Adele’s latest warble marathon! Excellent, you proclaim. You’re no longer Blur, by the way, I just needed you to be for a while, sorry. Here’s whats in the box set, anonymous reader.

All seven studio albums are collected with over 5½ hours of unreleased material including 65 previously unreleased tracks and more than twice as many rarities, 3 DVDs, a collector’s edition book featuring rare and unseen photos and a new and exclusive interview with the band, and a special limited edition Seymour 7-inch vinyl.

Are you excited? You bet your tits you are. Pricing is as of yet unknown and there’s nary a clue of its release date, but i’ll keep you updated. I promise.