NEWS: Beach House Announce “Bloom”, Stream “Myth”

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  • 08 Mar 12

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Gosh, weren’t Beach House all over the internet in 2010? You could barely swing an overused analogy around without hitting that particular critically acclaimed record. For those who’ve just awoken from a two year coma, the year is now 2012, that milk in your fridge has probably gone off and depending on where you live, you could be in for an impressive medical bill. There is some good news though, our robot overlords still struggle to take staircases at a reasonable pace and, of course, Beach House have announced their new record “Bloom” is on the way, which is totally what I would have guessed had somebody asked me “What do you think is a very Beach House-y name for an album”. It’s due to be released via the ever trusty Sub-Pop on the 15th of May, and features the following track listing

01 – Myth
02 – Wild
03 – Lazuli
04 – Other People
05 – The Hours
06 – Troublemaker
07 – New Year
08 – Wishes
09 – On the Sea
10 – Irene

While we’re swimming in great news, the band have also offered the first slice from Bloom available as a free download. It’s called “Myth” and it’s every bit as shimmering, bright, heart breaking and beautifully produced (Thanks, Chris Coady) as you secretly prayed it would be. If their new album is anything as superb as “Myth” is, we’re all in for a delicious mid may treat.