NEWS: Sleigh Bells announce “Reign of Terror”

  • 03 Dec 11

  • News


Remember when we used to be able to hear properly? When our grandparents didn’t have to shout at us to get our attention? Ah, those pre-Sleigh Bells days, part glory, part ignorance. Regardless of your position in relation to metal/sugar pop hybrids, SB (as I’ve taken to calling them, we’re like, best friends) made a decent claim for one 2010’s more unusual releases. So where do you go when you’ve destroyed the headphones of a million kids? Apparently, you just release a video of tense guitar build up (which features more than a single layer of guitars, now that’s progression) and footage of your band members in both the past and present. Wild, huh?

Take note, aspiring musicians. Everyone else, view the video above.