NEWS: Morrissey to tour in June, meat eaters and florists quake in fear

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  • 09 Mar 11

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Indie Messiah, and of recent times, Robin Williams looky likey Morrissey, is taking his canon of miserablist Manc pop on the road. Yes those of you residing in Blighty as of Monday (sorry rest of the world…) , have the oppurtunity to whip each other sensless with gladioli, and marvel at the moral high ground that is Quorn consumption, in the presence of  Lord Stephen Patrick Morrissey. Oh and he will probably play that amazing back catalogue of undeniable, influentially impeccable excellence, providing everyone behaves themselves….You know who you are, anonymous bottle launcher

Perth City Hall (15)
Inverness Ironworks (17)
Dunoon Queens Hall (18)
Dunfermline Alhambra Theatre (20)
Hawick City Hall (21)
Grimsby Auditorium (24)
York Barbican (25)
Bradford St George’s Hall (27)
Cheltenham Centaur (30)