NEWS: Mi Ami perform a stylistic U-turn, prep new EP

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  • 14 Jan 11

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Mi Ami, former purveyors of hypnotic bass lines, crashing drums and schizophrenic  guitar work have started 2011 by dropping all of that and becoming a duo, a duo which now boasts samplers and 707 drum machine and well, nothing else really. A stylistic U-turn so massive it could be seen from space and akin only to Chris Martin waking up one morning and having the tiniest shred of personality return to his relentlessly beige body. The press release not only promised “unrelenting electronic vibrancy” but also “a melting, dystopian refraction of left-field new age, lush soundscapes and Italo daydreams overlapping with slaughtered dolphins”… Yeah, me either. In other news the fruits of this labour will appear on the forthcoming SURPA LIMITED EDITION ‘Dolphin’ EP which drops on the 14th of March, followed by a UK and European tour in April. Cool?