NEWS: Metronomy’s The English Riviera: Tracklisting and Release date

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  • 02 Feb 11

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If I know anything about you dear readers, it’s your violent, insatiable, rabid hunger for new music information (it’s common knowledge that we at MiscMusic only do this out of fear…). Well you can stop scouring the internet for tid bits of gossip. Whatever brand of Ketchup Faris Badwan plumps for, pales in comparison to the cold hard slabs of fact I bring you today. Electro funk punk prodigy’s, Metronomy (or Joe Mount and his mates to his Mum…), are set to release third album ”The English Riveira” April 11th. Not enough for you? FINE tracklisting below:

‘The English Riviera’
‘We Broke Free’
‘Everything Goes My Way’
‘The Look’
‘She Wants’
‘The Bay’
‘Loving Arm’
‘Some Written’
‘Love Underlined’

(I bet you’re wondering what the FUCK all that blue text is about? I’ve only gone and sourced a few scratchy live recordings of the coresponding songs. Yeah you too can listen to some of the new material in pixelated, distorted, incoherent Youtube glory. Get clicking!)