Metronomy announce ‘The English Riviera’

  • 09 Dec 10

  • News


Alright, Alright, so this isn’t the actual line up of Metronomy any more, but such details are trivial in scale compared to the earth shattering, virginity robbing, face imploding news that Metronomy have a new album coming out called ‘The English Riviera’! Which is most likely going to be a very loose concept album in the same vein as 2009’s stunning “Nights Out” LP. Not only that but they’ve been busy in the age old tradition of crafting buzz building outlandish statements in order to sustain the interest of music hungry fans. “Daft Punk meets The Eagles” anyone?

“We’ve been recording a new album which is pretty much done. Some of it is like Daft Punk meets the Eagles if you can believe that. Some of it is even weirder, more electronic. Some of it is almost like stuff from the first Metronomy album, very weird electronica. And then there’s some really cool pop music on there as well. We’ve gotten a really good response to the new songs we’ve played. It’s going to be a lot of fun to play live.”

Anyway, it’s coming out at some point next year and I’m already unbearably excited.