''Metronomy 2010'' Teaser

  • 05 Sep 10

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Aaaargh, you’re a despicable bunch Metronomy, you bugger off for god knows how long, with little to no hint of new material, then out of nowhere this ”Duran Duran filmed on VHS” trailer materialises! But what can it all mean? Sterile 80’s hotels, close ups of the sea, trees!? Possible metaphors for rebirth, reincarnation, our wipe-down, mass produced throw away MEDIA WHORING CULTURE, ENCAPSULATING AND SWALLOWING ITSELF WHOLE LIKE THE CORPORATE BLACK HOLE OF IRONY IT IS!?! (More likely just tit bits of the latest single’s promo, sidled with a loop of pure hip gyrating funk, that’s sure to be some new song or other.) Whatever it is its got me more excited than the Daily Mirror at the prospect of yet another fucking football scandal, (i.e pretty bloody excited)

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