M.I.A – Born Free (NSFW…. At all) (Updated!)

  • 26 Apr 10

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Look, before you go ahead and watch this video, you may want to know why it’s got that lovely NSFW label slapped across its face. The video includes dystopian realities, murder, full frontal nudity, genocide AND ginger people. Be warned.

As well as being a startlingly brilliant short film, the video for “Born Free” happens to mark the inevitable and divisive return of Gaga hating, Paper planes singing, one woman megaphone M.I.A who looks to be breaking even further from ‘That song that everybody knows’ in “Born free”. With a bass line that sounds like an off cut from Kasabian’s latest and symbols crashing all around it’s not going to be everyone’s taste, even with that oddly catchy “Born… Free!” chorus line, but it does highlight what an interesting talent M.I.A continues to be, regardless of your opinion of her.

P.s if the video proves a little much, here’s a perfectly suitable for work version (Audio only, sorry kids)

UPDATE: Tracklisting for the as yet untitled album:

The Message
Born Free
Meds & Feds
It Is What It Is
Tell Me Why
Story Told


  • This just upset me šŸ™

  • Oh wow, wow, wow, i freakin’ love it.