Los Campesinos! start work on new album in April, indie rock hearts swell

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  • 18 Mar 11

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Well, would you take a look at that. Los Campesinos! have just announced to all 48,313 (over 200? Pssht, they were better before they were popular) of their Facebook fans that they’ll be strolling casually in a studio bound direction this April, guided by the distinguished hand of John Goodmanson who’s handled their previous two (stunning) works and will continue onwards as producer in the hopes that he one day tops this song from Harvey Danger’s 1997 release (LOL DATS DA THEME TUNE FROM PEEP SHOW LOL).

In light of anything funny or irreverent to say, here’s the official word from LC’s underground Facebook lair

We, the band Los Campesinos!, will be recording our next full-length album in Barcelona, in April, with John Goodmanson.


Cool, huh?