Los Campesinos announce 'All's Well That End' EP

  • 14 Jul 10

  • News


Well if this isn’t good news, it would appear that Los Campesinos (who recently lost Ollie for some obscure reason) have gone ahead and prepared a acoustic/reworked EP featuring songs from their 3rd LP ‘Romance Is Boring’ for people to buy in tiny locations and the quite large location known as “The Internet” (no, me neither) and the track listing goes as follows;

1. Romance Is Boring (Princess Version)
2. Letters From Me To Charlotte (RSVP)
3. Straight In At 101/It’s Never Enough
4. (All’s Well That Ends) In Medias Res

And if that hasn’t whipped you into a frenzy, they’ve also put out track 1 online (which you can hear above) and a making of video where all the songs sound like they’ve come through some sort of ungodly Mumford and Sons filter (I’m praying those aren’t the final mixes) which you can see below.

You can pre-order it here