LIVE MUSIC!!!1: Stream performances from Sasquatch! festival

  • 01 Jun 11

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Don’t you hate it when you lack the kind of obscene income that would be required to drag yourself around the world to all the incredible music festivals that seemingly happen on a daily basis? I mean, just think about how many £5/$10/€8 bottles of water you’d require. Yeah, I know, that is too much money for a bottle of water. Which is why that some lovely public broadcast Samaritans (like good old NPR) take it upon themselves to not only go there for you, but to record lots of sexy music for you to play back from the comfort of your poorly lit abode. What kind of bands, you ask? THESE ONES.

DFA 1979, Death Cab For Cutie, Foo Fighters, Iron and Wine, Local Natives, Robyn, The Antlers, The Radio Dept., The Thermals, Washed Out, Wolf Parade, Das Racist, Flying Lotus, Gaynges, Modest Mouse, The Flaming Lips, Guided By Voices, S. Carey, The Decemberists, Twin Shadow, Wavves & Wilco

Audio recordings of all those events can be found over at THIS LINK WHICH IS BOTH BLUE AND IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Yippee!