Lightspeed champion's "Marlene" gets its world first play.

Click here and go to 1 hour 50!

Hey kids, bet you guys didn’t want to wait all the way till January to get a hot steaming pile of Lightspeed Champion piped into your ears did you? Well, thanks to MiscMusic and the wonders of the Internet, radio and many other technological innovations over the history of time we can now bring you its first ever radio play via BBC’s radio 1’s Zane Lowe show. No if he would only shut the fuck up and let us listen, which when he does, you will find Lightspeed on top form, even if the song has remained in tact since its introduction several years ago. Go now! You have but only 6 days to absorb before it floats away into the vastness of the BBC archives.



I like it. I always knew I would.
On the other hand the LOTP’s Christmas song is about as much a Christmas song as Malcolm Middleton’s effort a few years back.