Lightspeed Champion's "Life Is Sweet, Nice To Meet You" gets a first listen.

  • 09 Dec 09

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Life is sweet

Ah jealousy, you are but a fickle mistress. Tugging on the heartstrings of those who are but too weak to hold on until the first of February in the good year 2010 (Which is already shaping up to me amazing for album releases… More on that in a future post) for this is when the new Lightspeed Champion record will be released into the listening public’s ear holes. It would appear that our good friends at NME (They aren’t really our good friends, we’ve never conversed with them) have snagged themselves a first listen of “Life Is Sweet, Nice To Meet You” where they use big words like “sumptuous” “anthem” and “euphoric” come flying out at you like daggers of excitement from the infinite ether of the Internet, you dig?

Anyway, click here


  • Great post. I’ve been following your blog through Tweets now for around 2 months – I also love the new design of your blog.