Lightspeed Champion offers up obscure bootlegs online, free!

  • 02 Dec 09

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Unless you’re that big a fan that you hunted down all of these bootlegs via rapidshare just for your between album fix (Not me, obviously) Dev has decided to offer up some links and notes on each album. First up is “House-Sitting songs” a 11 track album compromising of songs written and composed on guitars and keyboard.

-Or, accoring to Dev-

“The first album is one I recorded mid May 2009 within a week whilst house-sitting for a friend of mine in Manhattan.
The person in question was a musician and had a couple guitars lying around, as well as mini keyboards and drum pads for their kid to play on. The week in question was leading up to me coming back to the u.k to perform the Harold and Maude soundtrack at the BFI. I hadn’t played guitar in quite a while having concentrated on playing piano so much at the start of the year. The new Lightspeed album had been finished for a couple months, also. All of this wanted mt (sic) to just write and play dumb jangly guitar pop with just chords and simple melodies over the top.”

So there you go! Head over here to get it now, and for the tracklisting fetishist inside you heres a list of songs

1. “Tonight You Belong To Me (Patience and Prudence cover) featuring Charlotte Froom” 1:11
2. “Saleri’s Deposit” 2:13
3. “Baby Baby Nooooo” 2:56
4. “Keep Me In The Cold” 2:22
5. “Never In A Million Years” 2:02
6. “You Didn’t See A Thing” 1:48
7. “Fire In The Ocean (The Organ cover)” 1:54
8. “I Can’t Wait Anymore” 2:26
9. “Is This Really Me?” 3:22
10. “The Ainslie In Us All” 2:08
11. “Repetititititit” 5:07



  • Liam

    I’ve had this for a very long time.

  • Me too, but it’s now out there without being hunted