Les Savy Fav UK TOUR!!! (Say whaaaaat)

  • 01 Dec 10

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Not to brag or anything, (okay maybe a little bit…) but myself and fellow Misc.Music contributor Alec were at the above gig and we can both honestly say it was one of the most exciting, hedonistic, entertaining, terrifying, sexual, sweaty, amazing spectacles of our lives, (that’s excluding that night out with Wagner, but that’s for another time…) If like us you enjoy:

1.) Having your life threatened by rotund bearded frontman Tim Harrington swinging over the first few rows of the audience, suspended only by hope and a microphone lead…

2.)Simultaneously losing your dignity, whilst taking Harrington’s from him, when during one of his many crowdsurfing excursions you look up to see that isn’t an arm you’re supporting but rather, you’ve grabbed a handful of scrotum…

3.) Receiving massages, piggy backs, dry humping, and love bites (hickies) mid set…

4.) or basically seeing one the most polished yet somehow still unpredictable bands ever, you’re more than in luck.

Jesus, can I just say we’re not as big perverts as that list would have you believe (honest.) Just go see for yourselves you damned recluses…


London, Heaven – February 22
Cardiff, The Globe – 23
Manchester, Moho – 24
Birmingham, Sounds Bar – 25
Liverpool, The Kazimier – 26
Sheffield, Corporation – 27
Aberdeen, The Tunnels – March 1
Newcastle, Cluny – 2