Klaxons second album details and cover

  • 16 Jun 10

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No the above image isn’t an achingly ”cool” hipster joke, that really is electro punk, and Nu Rave pioneers (snigger) Klaxons, second album cover. Being an avid fan of the London 4 piece from the start, I really don’t know what to think…Although I hope this signals the boys taking an influence from silk blouse wearing, ivory tinkling, youtube sensation Keyboard Cat…(But seriously, what in the name of…I dont…what…who is responsible for this, I want names.) (Not even joking)

1. Echoes
2. Same Space
3. Surfing The Void
4. Valley Of The Calm Trees
5. Venusia
6. Extra Astronomical
7. Twin Flames
8. Flashover
9. Future Memories
10. Cypher Speed

Joe Thresh