EXCITED: The Kills to return with ”Blood Pressures”

351 the kills
  • 11 Jan 11

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You know those shoes you bought? The ones that fluttered theĀ naive notion that you looked ”cool” around your bonce? Yeah shred, burn and bury them. Those hazy, booze fuelled blurs you call a night out, spent in trendy indie bars listening to music you think has swagger. FORGET THEM. Going out in public, WITHOUT hiding your face. A MEMORY FROM HERE ON IN. Why? Because the king and queen of cranium crushing cool are back. Alison having got her brooding, zombie stomp on with Jack White, and Jamie Hince filling his (cuban heel) boots with…um…being…getting married to Kate Moss, are ready to reunite, and unleash their fourth, album ”Blood Pressures” upon us dorky plebs. Its out…like…4th of April or whatever, and despite being…like…soooo 5 minutes ago…the tracklisting’s below.

‘Future Starts Slow’
‘Heart Is A Beating Drum’
‘Nail In My Coffin’
‘Wild Charms’
‘Baby Says’
‘Last Goodbye’
‘Damned If She Do’
‘You Don’t Own The Road’
‘Pots And Pans’