Kele Okereke names and shames new album details

  • 08 Apr 10

  • News


Former Bloc Party man Kele Okereke has finally gotten around to releasing the details of his forthcoming and -most likely- dance heavy solo album. Apparently,get this right, it’s going to be called “The Boxer” and will have the following tracklisting;

1: Walk Tall
2: On The Lam
3: Tenderoni
4: The Other Side
5: Everything You Wanted
6: New Rules
7: Unholy Thoughts
8: Rise
9: All the Things I Could Never Say
10: Yesterday’s Gone

Well that clears a lot up doesn’t it? In odder news it would appear he’s covered Canadian dance funkers Chromeo on track 3 (Tenderino), or more likely, a Bobby Brown cover. Which is significantly less exciting than the prospect of Kele tackling the Chromeo epic. At any rate it’ll be seeing light on June 22nd so we can all find out together, while holding hands.