Kele Okereke goes solo, gives love to Spank Rock

  • 08 Nov 09

  • News


Details are sparse at the moment but we cant pretend we didn’t see this coming, Bloc Party have been going down a more and more electronic route as of late which felt like it was coming straight from Kele rather than the rest of the band. Currently its unclear if Bloc Party are splitting up or just on a hiatus while they all step back for a little bit but we know its coming courtesy of producer Hudson Mohawk who said on BBC1 this telling little nugget of information

Im kinda… it hasn’t been finalized yet, but I’m also kinda doing a little bit of stuff for Kele from Bloc Party’s solo album as well. He’s doing a record with one of the guy’s from Spank Rock, so possibly gonna be doing some stuff for that.”

The press should get an official heads up soon so more information as it comes in.