JEER: Gallagher family torn apart, NME readers get hard

  • 19 Aug 11

  • News


I was named after Liam Gallagher. My brother was named after Oasis’ fellow Britpop Smiths-obsessed strummers James. Really, there were much better 90s British indie-related names my parents could have chosen for me; Jarvis, Brett, Damon – fuck – I’d even prefer Menswear.

Alas, I am forever tied to the knuckled-headed moron and bad clothes designer. Having said that, I still find it hard to care that, out of goodwill and brotherly love, he is suing his infinitely more bearable older sibling, Noel. Gallager alledges that Gallagher questioned Gallagher’s professionalism by suggesting that the reason the Gallaghers’ peformance at V in 2009 was cancelled by Gallagher was that because Gallagher was suffering from a hangover.

Liam assured that he has “tried to resolve [the situation] amicably but have been left with no choice but legal action.” He also made it clear that he wasn’t looking for money, but with one of his Pretty Green (more like Pretty Gay, RIGHT GUYS?) shops being burned to the ground in recent riots, he could probably do with a bit of extra dolla.

Lots of love, your gossipĀ correspondent, Menswear.