NEWS: Jack White recycles tacky birthday cards, pays tribute to Captain Beefheart.

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  • 05 Jan 11

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Jack White, head of Third Man Records and possibly the drummer or something in a band called The White Stripes has released a new video, showcasing some of the ‘innovations’ his fine label has pioneered. Firstly, we have the birthday card gatefold, which rather than having a shitty joke on the front, plays you some of the first track whenever you open it. It doesn’t matter that the song excerpt is too distorted to comprehend, who cares? Secondly, we have the Third Man monkey band, which plays a random part of a random unreleased Third Man song if you put a quarter in it. This was no doubt installed to fulfill White’s magpie like obsession with shiny things. The third, perhaps tongue in cheek revelation, is the ‘hair record’. I’ll leave you to discover the joys of that yourself.

Also, White’s band is set to re-release a single originally released on Sub Pop that consists of three Beffheart covers, to honour the musical legend’s recent death.