INTERVIEW: Darwin Deez live at Long Division Festival

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  • 13 Jun 11

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As part of my court ordered remit I have to wander around gigs and festivals with a lightweight plastic badge around my neck that proudly names me as a member of the press. Which, while of course meaning I am a vastly superior human being to you, it also means that I feel ever so slightly obligated to provide you, dearest of all readers, with tangible proof I was there via sections of text of varying length. What follows is an exclusive review conducted by Hasidic Jew-alike and dance routine legend Darwin Deez and two thirds of MiscMusic.

JT: Hey, Darwin!

Darwin: Uh, hey.

Alec: -polite wave, casual grin-

Darwin: How’s it going?

JT, Alec: Yeah, not bad, cheers.

Clearly he had very important things to be getting on with in a room where we weren’t but he did walk past us at least 4 times during the course of the evening and even flashed a smile in our direction during “Up In The Clouds”. Does that make us best friends? A strongly worded letter might well say no, but my heart screams “yes”.