IGNORE: Steve Albini has a cooking blog, continues to be unloveable

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  • 15 May 11

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That is a picture of Steve Albini. Or maybe it’s one of the most hated men of all time, Himmler; what with both of them looking like middle-aged Harry Potter impersonators and having extreme views, I’ve always found it pretty hard to tell the difference. However, Albini has quashed my mix-up woes by creating the first real difference between the two – he has started a cooking blog. Take that, Himmler, your Football Manager 2011 blog pales in comparison!

Click here to look at the blog, but if you’re anything like me and refuse to eat meat as a result of listening to Meat Is Murder repeatedly whilst under the influence of a cocktail of anti-depressants following a misguided trip to Blackpool and the financial and conjugal woes that said trip resulted in, then you shall likely be disappointed by Albini’s complacency in murder.

Here are some tabloid-esque manipulations of Albini-related song titles/band names/album names for your sexual enjoyment: Songs About Cooking, Cookman, Big Cook, Cooklittle, Steve Alcooking, Jarvis Cooker, Manic Street Cookers, Two Nuns And A Pack Cooker, At Action Coo–

Okay, I’ll stop now.