HEAR/BUY: Johnny Marr’s Ray Ban Collaboration

Ray-Ban Raw Sounds - Red Carpet
  • 19 Oct 11

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It’s an age old question pondered by many philosopher, alluding the calculations of the brightest theorists leaving even QI’s in house smart arse, Stephen Fry, flailing for answers. It’s the nagging notion chipping away at the very fibre of Chris Martin, Bono and Mark Ronson, widening the expanse where their souls should be when they aren’t filling that void with saving the world, moulding beige into a sound and general smug twattery.

What does it take to make something or someone intrinsically ”cool”?

Many would pinpoint cool as a natural ability to funnel contemporary counter culture, media and art into one distinct singular outlet, introducing ideas and aesthetics that don’t conform to accepted norms culmintating in widespread adoration and emulation. Others would say it’s as simple as wearing a pair of shades and being bloody good at playing guitar. Whatever the conclusion, manufacturers of the hipster/fonze specs of choice Ray Ban have the right idea. Last Thursday night the Angel Orensanz Foundation saw an invited audience gaze upon Marr’s newly reformed Healers outfit, before a chance to ogle these decidedly frankensteinian Aviator/Wayfarer’s, designed by the man himself. Far from this being a thinly veiled ad for Ray Ban (Okay I admit I’m being paid for this post in official RB lense cloths…) the spirit of collaboration¬†didn’t just end with cross promotional eyeware. Other acts sharing the bill that night, including stadium shaped, KOL understudies Mona, Bethany ‘Best Coast’ Cosentino and reclusive harbringer of indie dance punk Tom Vek, have all created tracks utilising inspirations thunk up from J-Dogs own brainbox. Taking leads from a poem, a picture, a map, a quote and a guitar riff, the bands were essentially tasked with recording their own interpretations of the different mediums presented to them, concluding the scheme with not only some very interesting new music for us to devour, but also with a system that’s surely set to revolutionise the way work itself works. Infact from now on me and Alec are just going to shoot a snatch of random words and phrases to Twitter, and you lot are going to write the articles on what you assume we want. Well?! What are you waiting for? Stone Roses, cash cow, reunion, bandwagon, legacy, Gallagher, jizz. GET TO FUCKING WORK.

The full tracks and Johnny’s inspiration’s can be heard/viewed/loved/loathed/ignored here.