Hear Streogum vs Team9's fourth mashup album, free, now.

  • 28 Dec 09

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Merry Christmas! We hope you had a beautiful holiday season full of joy, love and obscure indie artists self made Christmas EP’s cluttering up your iPod. In a late celebration of this joyous event Stereogum have offered up this heap of mash-up delight for you to enjoy, for free. How lovely of them, ey?

When it comes to remixes, few are more thrilling than hearing the vocals of one song over the instrumental of another and have it absolutely work. Which is why we’ve again collaborated with our favorite mashup artist, Australian producer Neil Mason aka team9, to mix our favorite tracks of 2009 with familiar oldies, creating something more than the sum of their parts

Quite so, old chaps. Its avaliable via that sexy little widget up there and in a zip file by clicking these words

Festive love, Misc.Music

(BONUS PONCY INDIER THAN THOUGH QUIZ: name all the cartoonified figure’s in the album artwork)