GREAT NEWS: Fleetwood Mac are reuniting

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  • 14 Jul 12

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Check out those sexy bastards up there, those beautiful creatures of music were then, and are not currently, in a band called Fleetwood Mac. They had some genuinely amazing records, and even produced the best single of all time in 1987, i’ll have you know. Sure, they might well have lingered on for a touch longer than necessarily *cough* 1990-2003 *cough*, but news of good blood once again flowing and the gang gearing up for a new live tour is only cause for success. The news comes via Nicks herself, who went about blabbing to CBS about the groups plans, stating “…It’s the plan. Because that’s what we do. I do my thing. And Lindsey (Buckingham is) out doing his thing now.” which seems more or less reasonably hopeful, doesn’t it? You can see the entire interview below (WARNING: Girl Power), if that suits you, or alternatively, you can just take my word for it.