Gorillaz new album is called “The Fall”, is indeed due out in winter

  • 15 Dec 10

  • News


Come December the 25th this year, what will you be doing? Tearing open presents under the Christmas tree? Kissing under the mistletoe and dimly lit lights as snow gently falls to the ground outside? Or hunched over your laptop, sweating and red faced from the seemingly endless amount of food you stuffed down your throat, desperately trying to get hold of Gorillaz new LP? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Still, that’s nothing we didn’t know, is it? No, the real exciting news is that it’s going to be called ‘The Fall’ which Damon himself confirmed on Australia’s very own Triple J radio.

What, you didn’t think that was exciting? Yeah, me either. Would it help if I put it in capital letters? No? Okay.