Gorillaz new album gets a title, simultaneously hates The X Factor

  • 30 Nov 09

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Its been a while since we last heard from Gorillaz, the Damon Albarn fronted cartoon band which is genuinely better than the premise sounds. And now, we have a title for their latest album, get ready for it…. “Plastic Beach” which, if you gave me a line up of possible Gorillaz album titles I would point out in an instant, it just feels so Gorillaz-esk. Damon said of the album

“This whole Gorillaz album, ‘Plastic Beach’, which is nearly finished now, started off as ‘Carousel’. It’s sort of about the mythical aspects of Britain. Obviously, because it’s Gorillaz we’ve moved it to a different place, but it still maintains a lot of that melancholy.” and “I’ve tried to connect pop sensibility with trying to make people understand the essential melancholy of buying a ready made meal in loads of plastic packaging. People who watch X Factor might have some emotional connection to these things, that detritus that accompanies what seems the most essential thing in people’s lives these days, the celebrity, the voyeurism.”

Sounds good, Damon. Now how’s about a single?