Good Shoes – 'No Hope No Future' Preview

  • 06 Jan 10

  • News


Despite being a great time for receiving expensive gifts and novelty underwear, christmas ultimately ushers in the musical drought, even your favourite pop/rockstars need some time off (well maybe not Lady Gaga she’s probably still running off a potent mix of semen and cocaine…) so thank god then that it’s winding down, meaning musicians can hit the studio (and the treadmill…) to barrage us with hopefully a better year of music than 2009…(decidedly mediocre). It seems Good Shoes have been putting in some overtime, with their latest release ‘No Hope No Future’ coming out January 25th, and just like a dodgy uncle or forgetful aunt they have a late crimbo present for you in the form of 4 tracks, streamable from their new and improved website…it’s the thought that counts

Listen here: Good Shoes Preview