NEWS: Gold Panda releases “Companion”, hopes you didn’t already have the EP’s

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  • 22 Mar 11

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You like Gold Panda right? I mean, you like like them. I can’y say I blame you, after all who doesn’t adore his beautiful oriental infused, melancholic electronic bleepy bloopy nonsense? That’s right, only sex offenders and Nick Griffin, and keep in mind those are the ONLY two that don’t. So… Think about that one.

Anyway, Gold Panda man Derwin (cool name, right?) must be getting pretty sick of all that love and adoration his debut LP ‘Lucky Shiner’ got because all of a sudden he’s gone and released a collection of three previously released EP’s as one whole and giving them some sparkling new artwork (which you might have guessed is displayed slightly below the titles and somewhere above these very words). “Companion” will consist of material found on the Before, Miyamae, and Quitter’s Raga releases in the vein hope that you didn’t already go and hunt them down the very second your ears were tickled by his musical fancy.

Tracklist? Tracklist!

01 Quitter’s Raga
02 Fifth Ave
03 Like Totally
04 Back Home
05 Mayuri
06 Long Vacation
07 Lonely Owl
08 I Suppose I Should Say ‘Thanks’ or Some Shit
08 Heaps
09 Bad Day Bad Loop
10 Triangle Cloud
11 Win-San Western
12 Police

And for good measure, here’s a picture+music mash up of Companion highlight Fifth Ave


‘Companion’ is avaliable to get right now, if you know where to look