Paul Weller named Godlike Genius

In a step that is long overdue, modfather, and the man The Enemy’s Tom ”mutated newt” Clarke tries to rabidly to be, Paul Weller is to receive the Shockwaves NME award for being a bloody godlike genius. Presuming you are an avid fan of music, why else would you be here?, you don’t need me (or indeed anyone) to tell you why Weller is receiving this award. Not only is the man himself still writing, but his influence can be seen in a wide spectrum of artists, from Oasis (good), to The Rifles (meh), to The Enemy (vomit). It is to this man we owe much of the good guitar based indie we hear today (and alot of the bad but you win some you lose some). If I owned a hat I would doff it, unfortunately I am neither Pete Doherty/cool enough to pull one off, congrats regardless