Go dressed as an amused Nick Cave this Halloween, scare precisely nobody

  • 29 Oct 10

  • News


You’ve always loved Nick Cave, from The Bad Seeds all the way to Grinderman, the man is undoubtedly a musical genius. But is he scary? I’ll leave you to the the judge of that, but unless you’re terrified of shiny foreheads, bad hair and mad lyrical skillz then I worry slightly (that’s a lie) that you might not petrify as many people as you hoped. Of course there are other options, If you’re feeling like dressing as a disappointing album you could go as M.I.A’s MAYA LP (hurr). Alternatively, there’s Morrissey, that bloke from Diamond Rings or even Win Butler, to name just a few. Whatever you choose, I’m sure you’ll go down a treat, after all, who doesn’t love the disembodied face of Kanye West?

Check them all out here.