NEWS: Glasvegas name forthcoming album, hahaha, haha, ha.

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  • 10 Jan 11

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Having replaced their former Ricky-Gervais-via-Meg-White drummer Caroline McKay, for a younger, thinner, altogether more Swedish-iery, stickswoman, it seems Glasvegas are hellbent on barraging us with revelations and innovations so explosively out of character, you’d swear James Allan and co had gasp CHEERED THE FUCK UP. It would be easier to convince yourself, that WU LYF are so secretive because its members consist of Elvis, Tu Pac, (and Hitler on drums), than this next statement, but I assure you, every word is truth.

The above picture ISN’T manipulated in any way. James Allan of his own volition is wearing WHITE.

Wait, don’t reassess everything you know to be true just yet, there’s more. In a move seemingly created to rid the world of the notion ”don’t judge a book by its cover”, Jimmy and co have named their sophomore album ”EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\”. If only every band employed this Ronseal-esque way of titling albums, I wouldn’t have wasted 40 minutes of my life on Gorillaz ”The Fall”. Sorry, ”IRRITATING /// BLAND IPAD \\\”