GIVE MONEY: Help fund Stuart Murdoch’s “God Help The Girl” motion picture, impress girls in cardigans

  • 21 Dec 11

  • News


You know what you have? Too much money. Sure you might be starving, clinging desperately to the last few packets of super noodles whilst you browse the internet on one of your twelve, semen encrusted and entirely magical iPads, but let’s face it, you’ve got too much. So what is there to do when you haven’t quite maxed out your overdraft? Obviously, you give it to your favourite Scottish twee merchant, Stuart Murdoch. He’s currently begging for your money on Kickstarter for his long mumbled film project “God Help The Girl”, which is described thus

Set in Glasgow, Scotland over a long, lazy summer, the film is about a girl called Eve who is in hospital dealing with some emotional problems and starts writing songs as a way of getting better.  Her music leads her to a guy called James and a girl called Cassie each with talents and musical dreams of their own.  The story emanates from the universal idea of having a dream and how living it can free you from your troubles.

The words “Glasgow, Scotland” in that description were originally in a bold typeface, but given this websites editorial stance on places where new born children can medically be more heroin than human, we took the time to remove it. Alongside getting MAD CRED from that who totally saw 500 Days of Summer he’s offering a wide range of awards, ranging all the way up to a walk on and line in the film. Disappointingly though, there’s no option to offer the full $100,000 in return for him admitting that he has produced nothing worthwhile since 2000’s Fold Your Arms Child LP and promising never to do bad things again, sigh.

Give your money here.